Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer Today

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer Today

It’s possible to keep your customers engaged, but never have to worry about writing another article. Of course, you love your business, but chances are, you may not a content writer. At least not by choice. Your time is valuable, so why continue dedicating countless hours and brainpower to something you could pay someone else to do for a whole lot less? Whether you are new to outsourcing, need a nudge to truly assess how you’ve been wasting valuable time, or need help to understand the benefits of hiring a content writer, this post is for you.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer Today

Reason #1—A Content Writer Knows Readability is Critical

Content writing does not include essays or research papers. It is written in a story-telling format that uses specific words  and requires a special writing quality that both and engages and holds the attention of the reader. It’s almost like relationship-building or having a conversation with whoever reads your post. This technique is not for everyone. While you may enjoy reading it, that doesn’t mean you can duplicate the same results. Think about it. You’ve seen all the responses people post online, whether its comments for a news story or a Google review, people don’t mind sharing their opinions very openly on the internet. Some of those people are your clients. Do you really want to face the wrath of exposing them to poorly written content? We think not.

Reason #2—A Content Writer Can Provide a Fresh Energy & Perspective

How long do you think you can manage coming up with new and creative ways of presenting the same old information? And how long do you think your customers will want to go on reading the same stale stories and newsletters? Sometimes a fresh perspective can provide a flow of original ideas. You can typically expect that professional writers will raise the standards of your online marketing, and increase readership. It can directly impact your overall marketing game! Wouldn’t you prefer a steady flow of fresh and original ideas that will promote your business around the clock without your having to lift a finger?

Reason #3—A Content Writer Understands That Quality Matters

It’s amazing how quickly incorrect information, or content that is not fact-checked, can lose a customer or create ruin a reputation. Today, not only have search engines become smarter ranking quality content better than non-quality content, but online competition is brutal. In this game, quality over quantity wins out. You need the facts, and they need to hold attention, especially when your competitors are playing this same game. So, not only does your content need to be informative, but creative, entertaining, and persuasive all at the same time. That’s what it takes to get noticed. A professional content writer understands these needs and will do all of this for you, week in and week out. Do you really want to commit to that level of responsibility?

Reason #4—A Content Writer Is Professional and Objective

Sometimes your passion for your field can skew your judgment. Just like parenting a child, sharing an objective position on your business can be a challenge for some. To make matters worse, if you have no one else to bounce your ideas off of, you might find yourself in a situation. However, like every great athlete needs a coach, every  great writer needs an editor. Without one, feedback on grammatical errors can easily go unnoticed. Having a second pair of eyes checking your content would help produce a more professional look and impact. Ultimately, it will give you more confidence in the finished product. A professional content writer will help you do just that by providing a more objective view than you could on your own.

Reason #5—Free Up Time to Focus on Your Business

If your schedule is like most, your time is limited. In today’s business environment, outsourcing gives you more hands on deck. Why settle for less? Hiring a content writer allows you to outsource yet another one of the daily responsibilities that are stifling your growth because you just don’t have enough time. If you think it’s a money thing, think again. Outsourcing done right will not only save you money, but it will make you money. You can’t go wrong. Your time should be spent growing your business, not writing blogs.

Reason #6—A Content Writer Knows Formatting

Did you know that there is actually a standard format for content writing? Yes! The heading size matters. The use of bullet points matter—the length of sentences and paragraphs matter. It’s much more than just sitting down at your computer and writing. All of this, from formatting to keywords, goes into determining your ranking on SEO searches. Do you know what it takes to rank high? We’re sure you would like to find out, but the best way to do so is by allowing a trained content writer to take the wheel.

Reason #7—A Content Writer Follows Trends

Following trends when creating content marketing to promote your business is a beneficial habit because sometimes it could really boost your content and even make an article go viral. A content writer will do that for you because this is what they do professionally. It’s their job to understand and use trends to create content that will bring your business in front of more people.

Reason #8—Algorithms Change

If you think technology transforms rapidly, you don’t want to see how quickly algorithms change on the internet. It’s a constant back-and-forth battle between search engine moguls and those who seek to achieve high search engine rankings. The problem is these changing algorithms directly impact your organic search rank. Here, you are wasting your time on what used to be valid, and you are always one step behind. Best-in-class content writers keep up with these trends, ensuring that you are always a step ahead. 


Reason #9—Writing Can Eat up Your Valuable Time

It’s no secret content writing is time-consuming. We’ve already established your time is limited and there’s no room for waste. So why even consider holding on to this time-consuming task that continues to eat up your valuable time? Not to mention having to perform this task on a regular schedule, maybe even a weekly basis, because your engaged readers expect as much- regardless of what else is on your plate. If you find that content writing is monopolizing your schedule, and it’s hard to keep up, then hiring a content writer is definitely a must for you.

Reason #10—You Need Results!

No explanation required.

How to Get the Best Content for Your Business

Getting great content for your business takes time. There is time involved in reading industry-specific publications that will keep you up to date on happenings in your field. It requires more time to speak with and interview specialists and influencers who are at the forefront impacting and driving change in your business arena. There is also a time requirement for regularly sitting down and dedicating creative energy to writing stories and providing information in a compelling and interesting way. We mention these elements because this is what’s required to get the best content for your business. Ask yourself if you are willing to do all of this. 


Letting go can be scary. We understand. When you have taken all the risk and invested your last pennies to get your business up and running, just handing over responsibilities to someone you don’t know may not seem like the best idea at first. However, we’ve given you ten reasons that prove that thought to be invalid and untrue. You cannot continue doing everything in your business if you truly plan to grow. Be willing to let go. Hiring a content writer is an important step in taking your business to the next level. It frees up your time, allows you to focus your energy on what you do well, and ultimately makes room for you to build the business you’ve always wanted.


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