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Steady Content is a Content Marketing Service to help you grow your blog. We create content using the CART Model, which propels blogs to the top of google, providing free fountains of traffic.

Is PRP Facial Treatment Right for You?

At the Osteopathic Center, we specialize in the latest PRP facial treatment technology and cosmetic therapies. We understand signs of aging, trauma, acne scarring, and sun damage can become heavily evident on your face and neck after time. Also, common issues, like dark under eye circles, can greatly change the way other’s perceive you. Fortunately, PRP facial rejuvenation can help restore and correct such imperfections.


Platelet-rich plasma, PRP, has been used as an effective treatment in orthopedic medicine, dentistry, and reconstructive surgery for 30 years. It is garnering mainstream popularity due to its proven effectiveness and organic approach to cosmetic improvements. Your own blood platelets are used in the procedure, rather than a host of chemicals, to renew the appearance of your skin.

How PRP Differs from Other Fillers

PRP facial treatment is able to stimulate your own collagen, promoting total facial rejuvenation rather than attempting to attack individual wrinkles. If your face is beginning to sink in from age it can add volume and youthful plumpness. The volumizing effect extends to under eye hollows and sunken cheeks. Also improved are skin tone, tightness, and overall texture.


This is in stark contrast to hyaluronic acid fillers that can be ineffective in many areas due to placement difficulty or the penetration of treatment. That said, our team can advise you on whether a pairing of the two types therapies can provide more pronounced results. What may be needed will be dependent on your skin’s condition.

How PRP Facial Treatment Works

Platelets are designed to help your body’s tissues heal and grow new cells. Your body responds best to its own cells, so using your freshly prepared PRP virtually eliminates the possibility of negative side effects. Each session only takes about 20 minutes.


During your session, a small amount of blood will be drawn. While your PRP is prepared your face and/or neck will be cleansed and prepped for treatment.The PRP that is injected into your skin will trigger the natural regeneration of damaged tissue and collagen production. Since PRP therapy is far less invasive than traditional plastic surgery techniques there is no post-procedure care time required.


Effects of your treatment will begin to show two to three weeks after your session and will improve with time.  Ideally, you will receive three treatments spaced about two weeks apart for maximum benefit.  Results can last for up to 18 months.  

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Taxes

According to data published by The Wall Street Journal, 3.7 million Americans submitted amended federal income tax returns in 2015. These amends were made to take advantage of tax deductions/credits, include fresh financial information, and add new income data.

It is important to note that you cannot e-file amended returns. In other words, you have to file them by paper mail. With that in mind, here are common mistakes that you should avoid when filing taxes.

Math Errors

Math errors are quite common on tax returns and constitute the first error category to be flagged, the IRS explains. In some cases, the IRS employees correct computational and clerical errors.

This is especially true for paper returns, which are more likely to have missing or misquoted figures than electronically filed returns. To avoid such mistakes, double-check the figures that you provide throughout the first two pages of your returns.

Erroneous Social Security Number

This error is particularly common among people who claim a dependent exemption because they have to list the SSNs or ITINs for their dependents. If you have dependents, you should verify all the SSNs/ITINs listed on your tax return to ensure they are correct.

One of the best ways to do this is by double-checking all the social security numbers on your tax return against the actual cards.

Alternatively, you can verify this data from the actual cardholders.

Filing Status

Another common filing mistake that you should avoid is providing erroneous filing status. This may occur when separated couples file their returns separately while the IRS’s records show that they are still married.

With this in mind, verify your filing status because it determines the deductions and credits that you could leverage to lower your tax burden.

If you do not resolve these issues immediately, you may end up with an IRS lien on your property.


While it may seem absurd, many taxpayers actually misspell their names when filing their returns due to a number of reasons.

For starters, the current tax preparation software tools do not cover the entirety and cultural diversity of American names, which means they could mispronounce your name or offer a closely similar one. If you fail to verify every detail, you could enter an incorrect name on your return.

In addition, individuals who file returns on behalf of others including tax/financial consultants may end up mispronouncing their client’s names. Divorced individuals could accidentally use the names of former spouses even after legally adopting other names.

Erroreoneous Income Details

Contractors who tend to handle tens of different projects annually should keep detailed financial records to avoid attracting the IRS’s steep unreported earnings penalties.

Remember, the IRS keeps track of all legal transactions via form 1099.

The penalties for this offense vary depending on the size of unreported earnings and could include wage garnishment.

It is important to note that any federal refund, credit and extension should be filed within three years of the original filing.


Every year, millions of Americans file tax returns that contain diverse mistakes including misspelled names, erroneous income figures, computation/math errors, erroneous Social Security Numbers, and wrong filing status.

SEO is an Investment That Grows Your Business!

Search Engine Optimization is something we have all heard about, and it is considered good business to use SEO as part of effective professional website design. If you have not already introduced it as part of your marketing strategy, it’s time for you to get started.

Here are 5 reasons your website design and marketing strategy should include investing in effective SEO now.

It Takes Time to See ROI – Get Started!

Well executed SEO can be very effective in creating excellent return on your investment. In fact, a recent survey shows that 94 percent of online marketers who have used SEO long enough plan to maintain current SEO budgets or increase them. The bad news is that most professional agencies charge clients thousands a month and that is understandably intimidating.

Considering all the benefits one can derive from SEO done right, the high price paid for SEO adds up to increased brand reputation and visibility, greater search traffic and referral traffic. All of these multiply exponentially over time which means increased ROI.

Golden Age Of SEO

It may be true that some people would like to return to the era when black hat tactics and manipulations still worked. Those were the days when competitors could displace you and your brand with some underhanded strategies. As time goes on, search engines will become more effective with their evaluations of the quality of content and user experience. Don’t let yourself miss out, get involved right away before the potential for search visibility begins to decline as digital assistants and immediate answers take over search engine territory.

Reap Greater Rewards By Compounding Returns Over Other Tactics

Compounding returns works because of the permanence of every action you take, each link you build, and every bit of content you post. This increases your search visibility and authority, grows your social followings, and the longer your content strategy continues you will reap conversions and referral traffic.

The sooner you start building your reputation and compounding your interest growth, the sooner you will reap the rewards.

Don’t Let Your Competitors Pull Away

There is a significant cost to waiting too long to start utilizing SEO, particularly when your competitors already use it. The more time it takes you to get involved, the more you’ll lose out on high ranking positions for lucrative keywords and the more effectively they will build their defenses around their positions. Additionally, they will add more targeted keywords to their tactics and increasing their rankings.

You’ve Nothing to Lose So Give It a Try

Don’t be intimidated by SEO agencies that try to get you to sign a six months contract or longer. You don’t have to do that since there are others that let you dip your toes in to see what you can accomplish. You have options. Talk to professionals, establish a budget and get started. Again, the results take time but you can make adjustments as you go. The sooner you get started the better your ROI will eventually be.

Don’t let the competition get ahead of you. It only gets harder to beat them the longer you wait.

Fund Your Retirement with Real Estate Investments

Have you been contemplating creative ways to finance your retirement? Sometimes it takes more than just your savings and retirement accounts in order to enjoy some of the nicer things in life, especially once you’ve retired and no longer have a steady income from employment. Of course, real estate investments have long been a favored method of funding retirement for many successful individuals.

Passive Retirement Income

Real estate investing allows you to enjoy the benefits of a passive income. You simply acquire the right real estate investments in order to generate the monthly cash flow that you desire. A passive stream of income from real estate investing can not only pay for your investment, such as mortgage and upkeep on the property, but it can also finance your retirement years.

Multifamily Properties for Passive Retirement Income

A MDU or multi-dwelling unit will have two or more dwellings all under one roof. Each individual unit has its own kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom(s). This type of investment property can help to maximize passive income by generating income from more than one source from a single property investment. When you purchase a larger multi-family property, you’re making one purchase, but you’ll be situating yourself for multiple streams of passive income because each unit within the building can generate income independent of the others.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a passive retirement income, purchasing multifamily properties will always ensure that you have an affordable place to live during your retirement years. You can live in one of the units while renting out the others for your retirement income.

Benefits of Investing in Multifamily Properties

If you’ve considered purchasing multifamily properties as a way to generate passive income during your retirement years, you’ll also discover that there are some added bonuses that can make this type of investment even more attractive.

Multiple Streams of Income — at the core of multifamily properties is the ability to draw from several streams of income at one time. Unlike purchasing just one single family home, when you purchase a multifamily investment property, you’ll have multiple income streams from a single investment.

Less Expensive to Manage — hiring a property management company to manage a multifamily investment property will typically cost less than if you had several individual investments that you want to have managed. A professional management company will take care of the property, including collecting rent payments and finding tenants, so you can relax and enjoy your passive income during retirement.

Less Risk for Your Investment — when you invest in a multifamily property, you’ll be able to lower both your short term as well as your long term risk. This can be an excellent advantage, especially once you have retired. When you have a multifamily property for passive retirement income, you’ll be able to relax because having multiple units in the building means that it is easier to keep occupancy rates up, but it also means that there’s less risk of income loss because a property with multiple units will generally draw tenants, regardless of the economy.

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