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Do You Have Great Content Writers? The 9 Questions You Need to Ask

We live in an era of unprecedented opportunity and growth. Over the last two decades, the internet has transformed the economy and given billions of people incredible access to information and products. To take advantage of this boom, many businesses have taken the step to hire content writers––professional writers who use blogs to build connections and provide value to online customers.

Blogs have become one of the go-to methods of promoting businesses online. Boasting a conversion rate of up to 14.6%, it easily outpaces the 1.7% success rate of mailings and newspaper advertising.

Competition for Customers

Still, this abundance of opportunity doesn’t come without some struggle. Everyone knows that the online marketplace is competitive, and that this will only become more and more true with the passage of time. As a result, it’s also increasingly necessary to stand out.

As businesses look to gain the upper hand in 2020 and the years to come, it’s important to create online content that goes above and beyond the standard fare. Everyone should be asking themselves: are my content writers delivering the goods? Are they not just good, but excellent?

As a result, we’ve created a short checklist of nine ways your content writers should be helping you. Each of these qualities is an integral part of what we do at SteadyContent, and whether you’re a business owner or a writer yourself, you can’t go wrong by making sure you nail these essentials.

#1 – Do They Deliver Quantity Without Sacrificing Quality?

Professional content writers write a lot.

The “ideal length” for a commercial blog post has been steadily creeping up toward 2,000 words for the last few years. A 2,000-word post might take an average office worker the better part of a workday to accomplish; usually between six and eight hours.

For professional bloggers, speed is an asset. They can often work twice as quickly, and over the course of a full day of writing, generate at least two of these posts. Over the course of a full year, this will add up to over a million words (nearly 1.5 million if the writer is consistently working––that’s like writing The Great Gatsby thirty times over).

Is Haste Making Waste?

In the same way that a line cook needs to be able to send dishes through the kitchen door at a busy restaurant, a professional content writer needs to be able to click “send” on a post.

The key is to make sure that your content isn’t suffering as a result. Blogs can gain a lot of traction and traffic as the result of posting high volume, but if the content is full of errors, many of those visitors will bounce and wind up spending their money elsewhere.

A content writer should be delivering quality and quantity. If that’s too difficult, one solution is to consider working with a content company, where you can rely on an entire roster of writers to produce your blog.

#2 – Do They Have Excellent Time Management Skills?

Bloggers typically juggle multiple clients; it’s a necessity of staying in business. If you are working with a freelancer, you can bet that they are writing more than just your blog (unless you are giving them so much work and money that they’d be crazy to do anything else).

It’s essential to work with writers who can deliver material promptly. If your posts wind up falling behind schedule, your rankings on Google will suffer as a result. This is another instance where a company can provide some stability, as you don’t need to rely on the schedule of one or two freelancers.

#3 – Do They Create Easy-to-Read Content?

Great blog posts are more than just factually correct; they’re also easy to read.

Roughly half of online readers “skim” their reading content. They’re used to short posts and social media snippets, and they don’t tend to read in detail unless something really catches their attention.

Balance Substance and Style

From a blogging perspective, the trick is to provide substance and style at the same time. You want to make sure your content is helpful to your visitors, but content writers should also be making every effort to make your posts accessible.

This means striking a balance between “this is too basic” and “this is too complicated.” Blog posts should not be full of grammatical errors, but they also shouldn’t read like a dense graduate university science textbook.

#4 – Do They Do Their Proofreading?

Proofreading is especially important if you’re working with a freelancer. Some companies have teams of editors to ensure quality control, but if you just have one individual who is producing your blog, then it’s vital that they are taking the time to proof their material.

Readers are usually forgiving of a typo here or there if the overall content is good, but even a few will stand out and make your blog look less professional.

#5 – Do They Get Precise Editing?

This goes beyond simple proofreading.

It’s incredibly unlikely that a writer will generate 1.5 million words in a year without making a mistake. Content writers can proof their own material, but sometimes the best advice can come from another set of eyes completely.

Getting a Second Opinion

Editors go over work that others have written, and add the perspective of someone reading the material for the first time. They make changes to small mistakes, as well as suggestions for how the post might sound to someone who isn’t the writer.

This can be a huge advantage, because it takes into account your customers’ likely reaction to a post. Content writing companies should supply editors, and if you have a freelancer, it’s not a bad move for them to get a second pair of eyes, too.

#6 – Do They Use Proper Formatting?

We have moved into an era where websites are getting more and more mobile visitors.

Smartphones and tablets are outpacing laptop and desktop computers at the most popular ways of browsing the web. This means that half the people reading your blog are going to be seeing it on a very tiny screen.

The Rise of Mobile

Unfortunately, there are countless blogs and websites that are behind the curve on this. Sites might take too long to load, or use design schemes that are hard to read when seen on a small screen. While bloggers might not be able to do much about these conditions, they can help you out by making sure that content is formatted properly for mobile and desktop machines.

This means frequent spacing and short paragraphs. Large, clunky blocks of text are very difficult to read on a phone, and good content writers keep this in mind as they structure their posts.

#7 – Do They Do Their Research Accurately?

Of all the things that will scare readers away, poor information ranks at the top. Odds are good that your content writer doesn’t know your business as well as you do. Odds are also good that many of your best customers are pretty knowledgeable about your industry, too.

This is why it’s crucial that you have a writer who takes accuracy seriously, and will research as well as write.

The Risks of Inaccurate Information

If you sell fishing gear online, you’ll benefit from a blog that talks to readers about different fishing styles. However, if your content writer confuses freshwater and saltwater fish in a blog post, your readers are going to assume you don’t know the difference, either. It could be worse than having nothing at all.

Research takes time, and if you have a niche industry––especially in medical, legal, or tech––you may have to pay a little more for specialized writers who are familiar with the jargon. In most other cases, writers should familiarize themselves with the subject matter before writing a post.

#8 – Do They Have a Solid Grasp of SEO?

It’s important to remember that your blogs are written for two audiences. One is the human audience that forms your customer base. The other audience is comprised of search engine archiving software.

Google, Yahoo, and many other sites all crawl the web looking for new websites to put in their directories. How accurately they represent your site depends a lot on the words that show up in your blog posts, which is where the phrase “search engine optimization” comes from.

Your bloggers need to have a good SEO strategy for you, or you could simply be publishing posts that will never be read. This is another advantage of a content company, which usually has SEO personnel on staff that handle the specifics. If you’re working with a freelancer, they should be well-versed in SEO and have a solid plan.

#9 – Are They Adaptable?

If there’s one truth about the internet, it’s that change is constant. The tricks that work today may not work tomorrow. A good blogger will be able to update SEO strategy and writing styles in order to keep up with the times.

Additionally, the internet is not the only thing that will change. You may decide that your business needs to highlight a new product or service, or that you want to rebrand, or that you want to focus on a specific geographical market.

Content writers should be able to adapt both to changing web trends and to changes in your business. The best ones are more than happy to do so.

SteadyContent: Content Writers That Stand Out

At SteadyContent, our writers create millions of words of content every month for businesses just like yours. We use a company model that allows our writers to focus on writing the best quality posts, while other specialists handle SEO research, editing, and streamlined posting.

We have handled blogs for niche markets all around the globe, and helped countless businesses boost their Google rankings through online content. We know that your blog is an important part of your reputation, and we currently have a great “trial offer” that allows you to use our service risk-free.

Get in touch with us today, and see the difference SteadyContent can make for you!

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    Every point you mentioned is part of the big game of creating content that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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Working With a Kitchen Designer in Coconut Grove

After you purchase real estate, the first thing you may consider is changing, upgrading, or completely demolishing aspects of your home that don’t suit your needs or style. Giving your kitchen a facelift can be a surefire way to enhance your home’s aesthetics and functionality while increasing its value. In areas like Coconut Grove, Brickell, and S. Beach properties sell at a premium. Any work done should be the highest quality achievable within your budget. It’s for that reason many people consider hiring a professional designer.

Why Use a Kitchen Designer?

Working with a kitchen designer can help you achieve a polished and professional finish. The experience they have in remodeling can ultimately save you time and money. Anything more than minor changes to your kitchen, such as knobs, superficial fixtures, etc., should be handled by a professional. Considering building codes, material costs, and access to reputable contractors all add layers of complexity to your project, kitchens are not a do-it-yourself job. You will want the finished product to be accurate, safe and insurable

Types Of Professional Designers

The designer you should choose depends on the work you need to be done and where you are getting your supplies. National chains and retailers will often have designers on staff at little to no cost. There are also private designers that work on a per contract basis. Although they cost more, they may give you more impartial advice on materials and design because they rarely have direct brand affiliations.

Locating A Designer

When trying to find a designer, seeking the recommendations of friends and family is useful. Some communities like Coral Gables and Pinecrest have designers many homeowners have used with solid reputations. There are also resources like the National Kitchen and Bath Association, which list reputable designers. No matter where you locate your designer, they should have a portfolio of their previous work to review.

Honing In On A Designers Expertise

Keep in mind; designers may be more versed in some areas. If you have a modest single family home and are not looking for opulent trimmings, picking a designer that specializes in upgrading luxury real estate may not be the best way to go. Also, some owners have unique property aspects they may want to be enhanced. For example, waterfront properties have the potential for unique design ideas like open-air walls. Ask potential designers share their design strengths and note their weaknesses.

Once you have chosen a designer, prepare yourself for your consultation and design process by:
Determining your budget
Listing the pros and cons of your existing space
Having some idea of what you would like
Maintaining flexibility about what you want vs. what can be achieved
Agreeing on a time line in writing
Knowing you can ask for multiple draft plans, and agreeing to a number in writing
Minimizing the changes you make as the project progresses

Most importantly, be patient. Doing a remodel properly is a process and there will be some inconvenience to you as your project is in the works.

Our site is your premier resource for real estate related topics in Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, and the surrounding areas. If you have a question, we likely have an answer. Check out some of our other articles, blogs, and resources.

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Is PRP Facial Treatment Right for You?

At the Osteopathic Center, we specialize in the latest PRP facial treatment technology and cosmetic therapies. We understand signs of aging, trauma, acne scarring, and sun damage can become heavily evident on your face and neck after time. Also, common issues, like dark under eye circles, can greatly change the way other’s perceive you. Fortunately, PRP facial rejuvenation can help restore and correct such imperfections.


Platelet-rich plasma, PRP, has been used as an effective treatment in orthopedic medicine, dentistry, and reconstructive surgery for 30 years. It is garnering mainstream popularity due to its proven effectiveness and organic approach to cosmetic improvements. Your own blood platelets are used in the procedure, rather than a host of chemicals, to renew the appearance of your skin.

How PRP Differs from Other Fillers

PRP facial treatment is able to stimulate your own collagen, promoting total facial rejuvenation rather than attempting to attack individual wrinkles. If your face is beginning to sink in from age it can add volume and youthful plumpness. The volumizing effect extends to under eye hollows and sunken cheeks. Also improved are skin tone, tightness, and overall texture.


This is in stark contrast to hyaluronic acid fillers that can be ineffective in many areas due to placement difficulty or the penetration of treatment. That said, our team can advise you on whether a pairing of the two types therapies can provide more pronounced results. What may be needed will be dependent on your skin’s condition.

How PRP Facial Treatment Works

Platelets are designed to help your body’s tissues heal and grow new cells. Your body responds best to its own cells, so using your freshly prepared PRP virtually eliminates the possibility of negative side effects. Each session only takes about 20 minutes.


During your session, a small amount of blood will be drawn. While your PRP is prepared your face and/or neck will be cleansed and prepped for treatment.The PRP that is injected into your skin will trigger the natural regeneration of damaged tissue and collagen production. Since PRP therapy is far less invasive than traditional plastic surgery techniques there is no post-procedure care time required.


Effects of your treatment will begin to show two to three weeks after your session and will improve with time.  Ideally, you will receive three treatments spaced about two weeks apart for maximum benefit.  Results can last for up to 18 months.  

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Taxes

According to data published by The Wall Street Journal, 3.7 million Americans submitted amended federal income tax returns in 2015. These amended returns were filed to take advantage of tax deductions/credits, to submit fresh financial information, and to add new income data.

It is important to note that you cannot e-file amended returns. In other words, you have to file them by sending hard copies using the USPS. The best way to avoid the extra time and expense of filing a hard-copy amendment is to get things right the first time. Here are the ways to avoid common filing mistakes:

Math Errors

Math errors are quite common on tax returns and constitute the first category of errors to be flagged, the IRS explains. In some cases, IRS employees correct computational and clerical errors.

This is especially true for paper returns, which are more likely to have missing or misquoted figures than electronically filed returns. To avoid such mistakes, double-check the figures that you provide throughout the first two pages of your returns.

Erroneous Social Security Number

This error is particularly common among people who claim a dependent exemption, because they have to list the SSNs or ITINs for their dependents. If you have dependents, you should verify all the SSNs/ITINs listed on your tax return to ensure they are correct.

One of the best ways to do this is by double-checking all the social security numbers on your tax return against the actual cards.

Alternatively, you can verify this data from the actual cardholders.

Filing Status

Another common filing mistake that you should avoid is providing an erroneous filing status. This can occur when separated couples file their returns separately while the IRS’s records show that they are still married.

To avoid having to correct your return, verify your filing status. It determines the deductions and credits you receive, and may lower your tax responsibility. Either way, make sure to use the correct filing status or you may end up with an IRS lien on your property.


While it may seem absurd, many taxpayers actually misspell their names when filing their returns due to a number of reasons.

For starters, the current tax preparation software tools do not cover the entirety and cultural diversity of American names, which means they could mispronounce your name or offer a closely similar one. If you fail to verify every detail, you could enter an incorrect name on your return.

In addition, individuals who file returns on behalf of others, including tax/financial consultants may end up mispronouncing their client’s names. Divorced individuals could accidentally use the names of former spouses even after legally adopting other names.

Erroreoneous Income Details

If you are a contractor or freelance employee who receives a form 1099 for taxable income, make sure to keep detailed records of all sources of income. Also, make sure to report them correctly. Penalties from the IRS for unreported earnings are very steep.

Remember, the IRS keeps track of all legal transactions via form 1099.

The penalties for this offense vary depending on the size of unreported earnings and could include wage garnishment.

It is important to note that any federal refund, credit, or extension should be filed within three years of the original filing.


Every year, millions of Americans file tax returns that contain mistakes, including misspelled names, erroneous income figures, computation/math errors, erroneous Social Security Numbers, and wrong filing statuses. Avoid the hassle of amending your return by thoroughly checking your math, your status, and your name before you file.

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SEO is an Investment That Grows Your Business!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one part of an effective website design. If you are not already using SEO, it should be part of your marketing strategy. It can be implemented quickly and easily using the right content writer. Here are 5 reasons to implement SEO today:

It Takes Time to See ROI – Get Started!

SEO is a very effective marketing strategy and can drive thousands of customers to your website monthly. However, it takes time to see ROI, or “Return On Investment.” This means implementing SEO takes patience. A recent survey shows that 94 percent of online marketers using SEO effectively plan to continue or increase their current SEO budget. Hiring an agency to create SEO content can be expensive, but the cost is worth it. The investment pays for itself in increased brand recognition and greater search and referral-driven traffic. So be patient. You will see the return on your SEO investment soon.

Golden Age Of SEO

We are in a “Golden Age” right now, where black hat tactics and manipulation are no match for SEO. There was a time when competitors could displace their competition using these underhanded strategies. Now, however, SEO reigns and your company can benefit greatly. This is the time to invest in SEO, before digital assistants and immediate answers take over the search engine territory.

Reap Greater Rewards By Compounding Returns

With every word of content you post, every link you establish, you are increasing your search visibility. This is called “Compounding Returns.” Essentially, you are building your reputation one post or link at a time. The more you put your business out there, the more authority you have on the web. The longer this goes on, the more you will reap conversions and referral traffic. The sooner you start building your reputation and compounding your interest growth, the sooner you will reap rewards.

Don’t Let Your Competitors Pull Away

The longer you wait to start utilizing SEO, the more you will lose out on high-ranking positions for lucrative keywords. Your competitors will build their defenses around their positions, making it harder to get in. They will add more targeted keywords and increase their rankings. The best way to avoid missing out is to get in now. Start using SEO today.

You’ve Nothing to Lose. Give It a Try

Don’t be intimidated by agencies that try to convince you to sign a six-month contract. There are SEO agencies out there that will work with you to accomplish your goals. Talk to professionals. Establish a budget and get started. Results will take time, but you can tweak things as you go. The sooner you get started, the better ROI you will see.

Don’t let the competition win because you didn’t join the race. Start using SEO and maximize your web exposure today.

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Fund Your Retirement with Real Estate Investments

We are all familiar with the standard types of accounts when it comes to later-in-life financial planning. However, in the current economy, these accounts will only guarantee you the minimum standard of living. If you’re looking for a little luxury in your later years, consider funding your retirement through real estate investments. Real estate has been used for years by savvy individuals, and it’s your turn to join the ranks of the successfully retired.

Passive Retirement Income

Investing in real estate allows you to enjoy the benefits of a passive income. Passive income is achieved by investing in properties that will generate cash flow beyond what is needed to sustain the investment. In other words, any money you make after you pay the mortgage and upkeep the property goes into your pocket. These funds will pad your retirement, allowing you to leave the workplace and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Multifamily Properties Maximize Passive Retirement Income

A MDU, or multi-dwelling unit, has two or more dwellings underneath one roof. Each unit has a kitchen, living area, bathroom(s), and bedroom(s). An example of a MDU is an apartment building. Investing in one or more MDUs can maximize passive income, which we already discussed above, by providing multiple revenue streams from the purchase of one property. The income from each unit is independent of the others, meaning the loss of income from one unit will not automatically cause the loss of income from the other units. Investing in an MDU is a smart way to maximize your return, since purchasing one apartment building is easier than purchasing several single-family homes. An MDU can also guarantee you have a place to live during your retirement, since you can reside in one of the units while turning a profit on the others.

Benefits of Investing in Multi-family Properties

There are several benefits to investing in MDUs, or multi-family properties. Beyond creating passive income, let’s look at what makes MDUs especially attractive as a retirement investment.

Multiple Streams of Income
As we stated above, a multi-family property will be occupied by several, separate tenants all paying rent independently of each other. If you lose a tenant, you still have others paying rent while you fill the empty unit. There’s no such guarantee of income from a single-family home. If a single-family home is empty, it’s not generating revenue for your retirement. The same could be said for multi-unit office spaces, if you’re looking for a higher-dollar investment. Multiple units equal multiple ways to make money.

Less Expensive to Manage
When you purchase a MDU, you have the option to hire a property management company. The overhead to hire the company and manage the property will be significantly less than the overhead to manage several single-family homes. A management company will handle things like rent collection and soliciting tenants, allowing you to relax and enjoy your retirement.

Invest with Less Risk
Even in a down economy, multi-family properties usually have tenants. This means your risk is less when investing in these types of properties. You should be able to draw passive income even in harder economic times. Also, having multiple dwellings means your revenue streams are not dependent on each other. This also equals less risk.