Choosing a Content Writer & Finding Your Competitive Advantage

Choosing a Content Writer & Finding Your Competitive Advantage

Content marketing is one of the most rapidly growing areas that accounts for three times more leads as compared to outbound marketing but costs almost 62 percent less. Almost all businesses have blogs these days, but the question remains: do they actually write their articles or did they hire a content writer? 

Either way, such businesses have reportedly shown 126 percent higher leads as compared to the businesses that do not have blogs. Needless to say, that content marketing has promising growth prospects. However, when so many brands, bloggers, and businesses are opting for content marketing, your work must speak louder to grab people’s attention. To cut through the noise, you need to discern the competitive advantage of your content.

Finding Your Competetive Advantage

Competitive advantage refers to the dominance of a company over its competitors. Competitive advantage helps a company in selling more products or generating more revenue. Your competitive advantage defines your ability to create and distribute superior content as compared to that of your competitors. It is always beneficial to analyze the competitive content advantage before creating actual content. Follow these steps to figure out your competitive content advantage:

Perform a SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis helps you in discovering the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for your brand. An in-depth analysis of these four areas guides you in solidifying the competitive advantage of your content. For example, you may define exceptional customer service as a strength of your brand. 

In such a case, you can develop your content advantage by incorporating this strength into the content via chatbots or other alternative tactics. Similarly, knowing the opportunities for your brand help you in identifying additional competitive precedence. Being aware of your brand’s weaknesses and threats keep you informed about your place among your competitors and motivates you for creating better content.

Review the Guidelines for Your Brand

Brand guidelines include information regarding the tone, voice, and preferred language for your brand. For example, some brands use a professional voice while some others have a laid-back tone. A thorough review of your brand guidelines can help you in analyzing the competitive advantage of your content.

Leverage the Resources of Your Content 

No two brands can have the same resources for the content. While one company can have an in-house core team of experienced professional writers, another may rely on the online writing services.
 Some brands may employ a large team for website development while others can have an impeccable content management system. Analyzing the content resources of your brand help you in identifying ways to leverage these resources for creating fantastic content that can position your brand ahead of your competitors.


Developing a perfect competitive advantage for your content may take time. During this process, experiment with the different methods you can use to stand out from your competitors with effective content. Experiment with the topics of your content, your target audiences, the content mediums you use, the tone and voice of your brand, and the methods for distributing content. Analyze the response of your target audience with each experiment. Consider these responses for tweaking the competitive advantage of your content until you figure out what works best for your brand.

Finding and Choosing a Content Writer

Content is the core essence of your competitive content advantage. Over the past few years, many organizations and business owners have invested their time and resources in creating innovative websites with suitable web content reinforced as per their specifications, business needs, and expectations. 

It is the powerful writing of a content writer that draws visitors attention and keeps them engaged. But how can you look for an ideal writer who can help you develop your competitive content advantage? You should look for following aspects in a writer to ensure business success with content marketing:

Regular Writing 

A talented creative freelance writer spends few hours regularly in writing informative, entertaining, and educational materials for various clients with diversified specifications.


Experienced professional writers involve extensive research as a part of their writing job. They ensure that the content is accurate, updated, and precise.

Have An Engaging Tone of Writing 

Professional writers write in an engaging audience-friendly tone.

Promote Content on Social Media 

Experienced professional content writers are well-versed with the social media buzz and know how to spread a word with some viral content on the social media platforms. The skills of a social savvy writer can help you in developing relevant trends for your brand.

Charges An Appropriate Amount For Their Content Services 

Reputable content writers promote their professional services. You can use tools such as Google Authorship to identify highly active talented freelancers for your writing assignments. Ensure to pay the right amount for a writer to create your quality content. Using a good writer can serve as a boon for your business and can speed up the competitive advantage of your content.

If you want to increase the traffic to your website and convert the visitors into customers and buyers, consider hiring a content writing service.